Orphan Black to Become a Card and Board Game

The publicity division of popular television series Orphan Black has stated that a board and card game of the same name will be released to capitalize on the brand and retain its popularity. The production company for the series Temple Street also stated that both the board game and card game are in various stages of development and are likely to be launched sometime this year. Both the games are being developed by design company IDW Games and few details are available about the card game, though details of the board game are still under the wraps.

Game versions of Orphan Black

orphan-blackThe card game version of Orphan Black will be released in July 2015. Details released by the producers claim that it will be a game for three to six players that will have characters from Orphan Black as avatars and will mimic the tension and intrigue that is an integral part of the series. The players will be assigned secret roles and tasks and will belong to three teams – Proletheans, Neolotionists and Bird Watchers. All players will have to try and coerce as many clones as possible into their teams to win while keeping their opponents guessing about their team affiliations. Winners of the game will be the players who can secretly influence the clones and get maximum numbers to beat their opponents. Though the board version is also scheduled to release in 2015, not many details are available as yet.

About IDW the game maker

The series followers keen on knowing its progress can follow IDW Games’ Twitter and Facebook updates. In the past IDW has also developed X Files based on the popular science fiction television series. Homeland is another popular series that has been turned into a board game. The Orphan Black is a top selling comic series that is published by IDW.