New Software can Turn an Amateur Into a Professional Gambler

New software available from a company called RebelBetting can enable a person to make money from sports wagering without any knowledge of the game they are betting on. What this software does is to search online for available odds from bookmakers on sporting events such as football and rugby, and then identifies differences between the odds bookmakers are offering. When these differences are large enough, a profit can be made by wagering on both sides of the event. This is similar to what is found in financial markets when a person can buy and sell the same security at different prices and make an automatic profit. Although the opportunities are identified by the software, the bets must be placed manually with each bookmaker.


The company behind the program is Swedish and charges its users €129 per month for the right to use the program. Without any handicapping ability, a typical person can make 10 to 12 percent return on their money. This is according to the software developer, Simon Renstrom. Naturally, there is a limit to how much money can be wagered without affecting the odds, and according to Renstorm, this is about €35,000.

Bookmakers are not happy about this program, because it will cost them money over time. The problem they have is in detecting it. When a bet is placed, they have no way of determining or knowing what the motivation or thinking process is behind the wager. Overtime, they may be able to detect this type of betting if a bettor is winning consistently. However, there are many professional gamblers that win consistently, and they are not using any type of odds program.

Of course, if a bookmaker were to suspect that a gambler were using such a program, they will most likely limit the size of the bet they are willing to take from the punter. From the gambler’s point of view, it should be pointed out that using this type of software and placing wagers in this manner is perfectly legal.