New Jersey Patron Receives $1.52 Million Jackpot

Betfair Casino is considered as one of the leading destinations in New Jersey for online casino gaming. It recently announced that a sponsor from Union County, NJ, is the winner of the biggest single payout ever in the history of monitored online gaming in New Jersey.

The winning game

betfairLet it Ride’ is the game for which the huge payout was given. It is a famous variant of the conventional poker that offers 1,000 to 1 top prize with respect to a Royal Flush. It also features an additional side bet which is termed as ‘3 Card Bonus’. In this the players are provided with another opportunity to strike it big.

The patron first learnt about through a T.V. commercial. A huge bonus was being offered to those signing up for the first time. He played for almost two hours in a single night and was prepared to call the day off and got dealt, Jack, Queen and ten of Diamonds. This meant he had a small straight flush!

Largest Single Payout

On February 14, this patron placed 500 dollars each on three starting bets along with 3 Card Bonus. As mentioned above he won with a Royal Flush deal in diamonds. He dived into the 3 Card Bonus bet and ‘Let it Ride’ earning a payout of 1,000 to 1 on ever bet he had initially placed. Along with this, he also won an extra 40 to 1 with respect to his 3 Card Bonus bet leaving him with a grand total of $1,522,000.

His record win is actually the biggest single payout ever witnessed in the history of New Jersey monitored online gaming since the time the industry came into action in 2013.

Don Ryan, SM, was reported saying that to see a player hitting a major win and that they were excited to be included in the history of American online gaming.