Firefly Tall Card Game

The short lifespan of the TV series Firefly indeed created a huge fan base. For some fans having access to everything in the Firefly universe is the wish of a lifetime. One such wish is indeed about to become true in the form of a card game.

What are the Tall Cards?


In the fourth episode of the show, some characters play a game of Tall Cards to play dibs on chores they had to do on their spaceship. The show never explained any rules about this game and there wasn’t even enough dialogue that would explain what exactly they were playing. However, fans being fans came out with their own versions over the years and this kept these Tall Cards alive in popular culture, but they were never developed commercially. Until now that is.

The game version of the Tall Cards

The game is being developed and manufactured by a company called Toy Vault. There are 45 cards in the deck. This includes some round cards as seen on the Firefly episode with the cards. The company has gone one step further and provided 50 extra cards for players to make their own cards from the Firefly universe. This is definitely a treat for true Firefly fans.

The company representative had announced last year that they had acquired license to produce games based on the Firefly universe and soon came out with their first game based on the series. The Tall Card game, which is priced at $20, is set to launch early next year. Whether the cards are a hit with true fans or not would be known only then. But the commendable fact is that even after a decade or so after the series was cancelled only after a mere 14 episodes, there is a fan base enough for a company to launch games based on the show’s universe.