Double Exposure Blackjack Review

A rather new game to land on the online gaming scene in the last six to twelve months, Double Exposure Blackjack has taken the basic principal of this classic table game and flipped it onto its head!

double-exposure-blackjackEveryone knows that in this industry, that would be the gambling industry, knowledge is power and information is ultimately money. This fundamental basic is so ingrained into the minds of each and every individual who games that most were thrown almost entirely off balance when double exposure Blackjack was revealed to the world. This variation allows for players to see the dealers two cards face up at the onset of each hand. Crazy, I know – but there’s a method to the madness.

Offset against this advantage come a certain set of very interesting rules which are tweaked to aid house edge, obviously.

For a starter, Blackjacks pay out even money (1:1) as opposed to the typical 3:2. Also, the dealer wins on all ties, except for in the unlikely event that both the player and the dealer receive natural Blackjack – in this instance the player retains the edge. Doubling down rules also variate from the norm, and even between the casinos which host this cutting edge new format. In some casinos you can only double down with the first two cards dealt to you, though in others you cannot. As always, it is therefore best to make sure that you are acquainted with rules of the house as well as the rules of the game.

Breathing new life into a table game which may be old, though is far from redundant or even tired, Double Exposure Blackjack is a must-try for all lovers of the original variant. Whether or not it will eventually serve as a worthwhile replacement of its predecessor and inspirational force, or merely act as a part-time distraction, remains to be seen however!