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Double Exposure Blackjack Review

A rather new game to land on the online gaming scene in the last six to twelve months, Double Exposure Blackjack has taken the basic principal of this classic table game and flipped it onto its head!

double-exposure-blackjackEveryone knows that in this industry, that would be the gambling industry, knowledge is power and information is ultimately money. This fundamental basic is so ingrained into the minds of each and every individual who games that most were thrown almost entirely off balance when double exposure Blackjack was revealed to the world. This variation allows for players to see the dealers two cards face up at the onset of each hand. Crazy, I know – but there’s a method to the madness.

Offset against this advantage come a certain set of very interesting rules which are tweaked to aid house edge, obviously.

For a starter, Blackjacks pay out even money (1:1) as opposed to the typical 3:2. Also, the dealer wins on all ties, except for in the unlikely event that both the player and the dealer receive natural Blackjack – in this instance the player retains the edge. Doubling down rules also variate from the norm, and even between the casinos which host this cutting edge new format. In some casinos you can only double down with the first two cards dealt to you, though in others you cannot. As always, it is therefore best to make sure that you are acquainted with rules of the house as well as the rules of the game.

Breathing new life into a table game which may be old, though is far from redundant or even tired, Double Exposure Blackjack is a must-try for all lovers of the original variant. Whether or not it will eventually serve as a worthwhile replacement of its predecessor and inspirational force, or merely act as a part-time distraction, remains to be seen however!

Growing Popularity of Blackjack Switch in Online Blackjack

Online casino game websites offer both standard blackjack and also simulations of the game with dealer moves. Since the online gaming options offered by casino websites are widely dependent on the expertise of players, they also offer tools that can help players make their moves. A diehard blackjack player keen on improving his/her skills can use the help of community forums and credit games online. A reason why land based casino players are moving to online casino sites for card games like blackjack is the existence of “blackjack switch”. Though some land casinos have also offered this feature, it is not as popular as the online variety.

Online blackjack switch

Online blackjack switch

Blackjack is the simplest of table card games, but it gets complicated when experienced players want to try out new moves like advantage play and other card counting tricks. A blackjack player with two sets of cards placed face-up has the option to swap both cards for dealing the best hand, after which he/she can try a basic strategy or n advantage play, whichever is suitable. However, some blackjack rules are not easy, as payout is only 1:1 and not the usual 3:2 that players of card tables are used to during their standard card games. When the dealer reaches the 17thposition, he allows players to split, although they receive only one card after the receipt of aces.

Appeal of blackjack switch

Though standard blackjack games offer the house an edge of .53 percent that gives a .25 percent edge when switch is made, online blackjack switch provides an edge of .10 percent only. In a dealer laid out game, the dealer has a little more advantage, but even then, the payout is good because switching cards gives the player an advantage. If a player’s blackjack skills and strategy are good, he can win more money than his actual investment with the blackjack switch facility. This strategy also brings excitement into the game as the player can play with two hands to add more twist and make it complex. To improve on blackjack playing skills, one must practice more, as amateurs trying to play simultaneously with two hands may end up as losing their investment too.

Online Card Games Help Players Practice Skills and Strategy

While it’s good fun playing online blackjack games, it’s even more fun when players win real money or even win playing free games. Practice makes perfect, so practicing online enhances the chances of winning at online blackjack.

Players can gain better appreciation for strategies while practicing online and on mobile apps. Many online blackjack sites let people play without charge allowing them to hone skills for when money is at stake. Players also can choose from various blackjack games.

online blackjack

Leading the way for best online poker games to play for fun and practice, according to experts, is blackjack switch. this game is played with six card decks. Two hands are dealt with face-up and players can swap the top card in each hand. Once swaps are finished, the game begins. It pays out one for one and ca be played at no charge.

European blackjack is another great online blackjack game for practice, fun, and possibly profit. It’s played with four decks online. Splits can be made with any pair of cards, including aces. However, only one card to be added to any split. Surrendering isn;t an option and the game pays 3-to-2.

Don’t forget classic blackjack. that’s the traditional one deck version where the dealer stands at 17 and players can split pairs. Another top game to practice online is bonus blackjack with two decks. Dealers have to hit on soft 17s.

Other good online blackjack games for practice include big five blackjack with five decks, 21 duel blackjack with six decks and Atlantic City blackjack with eight decks. These allow players to practice and learn how to avoid common blackjack errors that lose money and games. They teach players how to maintain focus, avoid mimicking dealers, and avoiding going bust while learning how to work with winning streaks.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is reputed to be the most popular casino game in the world. This is probably due to the fact that blackjack or twenty one is the easiest game to understand and play, with the main objective being to have cards totaling twenty one or nearer to this than what the banker has.

Blackjack strategy

The game, as it played in casinos, is usually played with several decks (anywhere from two to eight decks) of cards mixed together. The dealer initially gives each player (up to eight players can play) two cards, face up. Each player take turns deciding what action to take. A player can decide to stand or take no action, to hit or ask for more cards until he feels his cards are stronger than the dealer’s, or get bust (where the player has asked for one hit too many, and his cards total more than twenty one).

There are hundreds of tips and strategies that have been developed to help one get better chances of winning in this game. Statistics actually show that one is likely to win 47% of the time in blackjack. Some of the basic tips offered are to never copy the moves of the dealer, and never vent out one’s anger, frustration, or discontent on the dealer.

It is also better to sit in the middle of the playing table or to the right-hand side of the dealer. This is supposed to give one a better view of the cards that are dealt, especially since the dealer starts with the player on his left-hand side. There are side bets available in this game, and if one were a beginner and not good at card counting (in fact do not count cards unless one has really mastered it), then it is best not to take the so-called blackjack insurance. Insurance is a side bet that can be done when a dealer has an ace, and the bet is that the dealer will get a blackjack.

One basic strategy that a beginner blackjack player can learn is the single deck strategy. This strategy is based on mathematical computations and it shows what the proper play one should make when given or dealt a particular hand. Although this strategy is not fool proof it is able to lessen the casino house’s advantage of winning. But that is only if one is able to learn the charts inside and out and memorize them by heart.
The chart for the single deck strategy basically outlines the different actions that should be done when faced with the different combinations of hard totals, soft totals, and pair splitting. A hard total is a hand where there are no aces or the aces that are dealt are counted as one. A soft total is a hand where the ace is counted as eleven. Pair splitting is where one splits cards with similar values and plays them as separate hands. The actions can either be a hit (H), a stand (S), a split (P), or a double (D).

Examples of Tricky Blackjack Hands

For people who love to play blackjack, it’s important to understand strategy and how to play certain hands. Some are quite easy, leaving players with a simple decision that can’t hardly be messed up. Other hands present quite a dilemma, and players need to know the math behind the decision in order to handle the situation appropriately. Here are some examples of tricky blackjack hands.

Player’s hard 16 against a dealer’s seven

blackjackWhen you’re staring down at a 16, there’s almost always a temptation to stand. After all, the likelihood of busting when you hit a 16 is very high. The choice is especially difficult when the dealer is showing a seven. The math says that this is a spot where you should still hit, and the reasons are clear once you understand some things. The most common card value in the deck is ten, and this remains the most likely card value sitting under the ten. The math says to take a chance at picking up a small card that will make your hand a likely winner. You may bust occasionally. This is alright, though, since hitting in this spot will work out better over the long haul.

Player’s two threes against a dealer’s nine

When you’ve been dealt a couple of threes, you have some interesting choices to make. This adds up to six, and that’s a value you rarely want to play. You have the option to split those threes, and that’s what you must do here. Though some will tell you that it’s not good to put more money on the table when you’re facing a dealer’s strong nine, this advice is foolish. When you split your threes, you’ll break up the ugly six, giving yourself a chance to hit at least one hand that can challenge the dealer.

Player’s 11 against a dealer’s 10

When you’re dealt an 11, it’s good news, and you must be prepared to put money on the table. Even if the dealer is showing a 10, you still need to double down in this situation. The mathematical wisdom will tell you to double down any time you pick up that beautiful 11. Still, it can be hard for some players to pull the trigger. Once again, this is a spot where the 10 is the most likely card value to come, and having more money out there in a good spot is always the optimal choice.