Card Games in Macau Rapidly Reaching Millions of Dollars

The city of Macau is known as the high stakes poker capital of the world. It’s a gambling destination that you don’t want to mess around with.¬†Only those who truly know the game (whether that game is blackjack, poker, etc) are going to be found sitting around most of these card tables. With the fancy luxurious resorts, it’s clear that the target clientele is going to have plenty of cash to throw on the table. With several games with pots of millions of dollars (USD), it’s no wonder people commonly associate this area with high-betting whales. Here are three examples of high stakes card games that have taken place in Macau not so long ago.

Card games and game tokens

1. 2014 Asia Championship of Poker
While this is a card game that is also a competition, it’s also one that has some serious money on the line for the professionals that play this game. With a $500,000 HDK (or $64,000 USD) buy-in and no limits on the betting, it’s a tournament that came with high risk and high reward. The 2014 winner, Steve O’Dwyer, walked away with nearly $2 million USD. His runner-up Ryan Fee, didn’t do so bad for himself either, and left with well over $1 million USD.

2. 2012 Macau Super High Stakes Roller
While this is an event that took place in Macau a few years back now, it’s one that is still talked about, and for good reason. The $6.4 million USD winnings that the ultimate winner Stanley Choi walked away with make for an impressive. Its nearly $300,000 USD buy-in and the $23.5 million USD prize pool are also good reasons for this to be one for the Macau high stakes history books.

3. High Stakes Cash Games at Poker King Club
One player, Tom Hall, notorious for divulging inside information about the games and betting pools at high stakes games, has spilled some secrets (and photos) about the high stakes poker games going on right now, with claims of $20 million USD in bets on single hands.