Internet Casinos

Online casinos are not novel anymore. It has been more than one and a half decade since the first internet casino was launched. The initial reactions to internet casinos were of apprehensive nature.

online-casinoToday, however, internet casinos form a multi-billion dollar global industry that’s not only competitive, but fairly regulated as well. Common reasons cited for the emergence and dominance of internet casinos are the flexibility and convenience they bring to the table. Going beyond those points, here are some other factors that have helped internet casinos maintain a constant edge over their land-based counterparts.

Choice of free games

In land-based casinos, even to enter the establishment, you are required to pay fees. It couldn’t be more opposite in case of online casinos. Most internet casinos allow players to register for free accounts with which a host of free games can be played for entertainment.

Loyalty Points

Internet casinos offer various rewards for loyal and returning players. For every deposit made, every competition followed and every wheel turned, points are added to the player’s credit. These points, when accumulated, can be easily redeemed for casino credits and free spins.

No minimum stake limitations

Land based casinos often have minimum stake requirements to make sure that they don’t run low on margins. However, internet casinos have no such restrictions. You can wager pretty much whatever you want.

Instant availability of the latest games

New games are introduced every week by many internet casinos. Land based casinos cannot update their gaming repertoire with such frequency.

Being a global gamer

Internet casinos have managed to transcend the nationality and currency boundaries. With a working internet connection, one can enjoy an internet casino that’s based thousands of miles away, without any problem.

Australian Players Gear Up for a Rocking Online Casino Gaming with the Best Promotions

Australia is one of those countries where gambling is not considered a taboo and people here love to gamble safely and for fun. This is where the online gambling culture has flourished to its pinnacle and here the industry best casino gaming providers offer real good and real enticing bonuses and promotions to assure memorable gaming experiences for their customers.

Crowncasino_MelbourneAll Australian Casino is one of the favourites with the Australian gamers who love the Wednesdays especially, for the 125 free spins. Their Dazzle Me pokie is another brand new opportunity for the avid gamblers to make some big bucks without putting in much effort. Race Boost is one of the enticing promotional opportunities, All Australian Casino has in store for you and lastly Kickstart is their exclusive “Free Spins Madness” agenda that’s rolling and reeling presently. If you love Jack and the Beanstalk then Kickstart is all game for you.

Ruby Fortune is among the popular Australian casinos that offers $750 in bonus for new players. This casino offers more than 755 games and 520 plus pokies. The payout range is 97.84%. Spin Palace featuring $1000 in bonus lets you enjoy at least 485 plus games including 305 plus pokies and the payout percentage is 96.94%.

Gaming Club with its $350 bonus amount and more than 390 games plus more than 210 pokies features a guaranteed payout range of 96.44%. Casino Mate is a hot favourite with the Australian gamblers and offers a free bonus of $1400 for the new players. You get this free bonus when you deposit your first four deposits. Your enjoyments double with extra 30 free spins. Here you can spend your leisure hours with a huge number of online slot games and choose from 5 game and 3 game pokies including Blackjack, Roulette and Table Games as well. Spin your weekends to the reels of online Australian casinos and win big with the interesting promotional offers from the top casino gaming software providers.

Online Casinos that Have the Biggest Casino Bonuses in the UK

Casino bonuses are the best ways to get started with your online gaming ventures. The reason that the best and the biggest online casinos in the UK provide some fairly impressive – some outright amazing – casino bonuses is that they want you to get familiar with the setup first, before diving straight in. When you compare a traditional brick-and-mortar casino with online casinos, you will find that more often than not, online casinos offer the best bonuses.

Online-Casino-UKHere’s a quick roundup of the best casino bonuses and accompanying deals offered by some of the finest in the business in the UK.


Even novices know that 888casino is a widely trusted online casino. Being in operation for over 15 years now, 888casino has established a reputation of high-quality service and excellent payment securities.

To top it off, they offer 100% casino bonuses up to £800 and 150% beyond that.


Ladbrokes is the premium betting and gaming company that operates a fully-fledged online casino. You can trust Ladbrokes as they have been in the business since 1886.

To lead an entire industry for this long, they must be doing something right. We suppose it’s the whopping 400% online casino bonuses up to £400 that they offer!


Betfair are primarily known for their betting ventures. But they have a great online casino with over 50 games, as well.

Betfair offers some unique deals to the new members as casino bonuses. These include £500 bonuses as 150% of your initial wagers and a free Betfair coupon worth £25 that can be used across all sports and events within a week of the registration.

Double Exposure Blackjack Review

A rather new game to land on the online gaming scene in the last six to twelve months, Double Exposure Blackjack has taken the basic principal of this classic table game and flipped it onto its head!

double-exposure-blackjackEveryone knows that in this industry, that would be the gambling industry, knowledge is power and information is ultimately money. This fundamental basic is so ingrained into the minds of each and every individual who games that most were thrown almost entirely off balance when double exposure Blackjack was revealed to the world. This variation allows for players to see the dealers two cards face up at the onset of each hand. Crazy, I know – but there’s a method to the madness.

Offset against this advantage come a certain set of very interesting rules which are tweaked to aid house edge, obviously.

For a starter, Blackjacks pay out even money (1:1) as opposed to the typical 3:2. Also, the dealer wins on all ties, except for in the unlikely event that both the player and the dealer receive natural Blackjack – in this instance the player retains the edge. Doubling down rules also variate from the norm, and even between the casinos which host this cutting edge new format. In some casinos you can only double down with the first two cards dealt to you, though in others you cannot. As always, it is therefore best to make sure that you are acquainted with rules of the house as well as the rules of the game.

Breathing new life into a table game which may be old, though is far from redundant or even tired, Double Exposure Blackjack is a must-try for all lovers of the original variant. Whether or not it will eventually serve as a worthwhile replacement of its predecessor and inspirational force, or merely act as a part-time distraction, remains to be seen however!

Casino Night To Support College Athletes

Fun is an integral part of college life. The students and authorities at Umpqua Community College (UCC) in Oregon are taking this a step further by combining play with a good cause. The college is organizing an evening of casino games to support their student athletes.

Casino fun for a cause

Umpqua Community CollegeThis is a follow-up of Casino Night from last year at UCC to support the student athletes. The idea is to have fun at the campus with poker, roulette, craps and blackjack. The event consists of dinner and games. The culinary department at UCC will be providing the dinner and the night will also consist of an auction and of course casino games. The auction includes items such as hotel stays, free tax consultations, golf packages and desserts. Yes, the UCC celebrities who are also culinary experts will be providing a range of desserts to auction off for the fundraiser.

The cause itself

The Casino Night fundraiser is one of the biggest events at UCC. The major success of the previous fundraiser has made students and others look forward to this year’s event. Of course there are sponsors to help the cause. And then there are students and authorities who work tirelessly to raise funds for the student athletes. The money from the previous event was utilized to upgrade the sports facilities at the campus such as improving the gymnasium, purchasing the scoreboard and other furniture required for the department.

The tickets for the event are priced at $45 for one and $400 for an entire table for 10 people. The event will be held at the UCC campus and tickets will also be available at the venue. But tickets are also available to be purchased through the college website. This is a great way to raise funds for the athletes where the entire campus comes together to have fun.

Orphan Black to Become a Card and Board Game

The publicity division of popular television series Orphan Black has stated that a board and card game of the same name will be released to capitalize on the brand and retain its popularity. The production company for the series Temple Street also stated that both the board game and card game are in various stages of development and are likely to be launched sometime this year. Both the games are being developed by design company IDW Games and few details are available about the card game, though details of the board game are still under the wraps.

Game versions of Orphan Black

orphan-blackThe card game version of Orphan Black will be released in July 2015. Details released by the producers claim that it will be a game for three to six players that will have characters from Orphan Black as avatars and will mimic the tension and intrigue that is an integral part of the series. The players will be assigned secret roles and tasks and will belong to three teams – Proletheans, Neolotionists and Bird Watchers. All players will have to try and coerce as many clones as possible into their teams to win while keeping their opponents guessing about their team affiliations. Winners of the game will be the players who can secretly influence the clones and get maximum numbers to beat their opponents. Though the board version is also scheduled to release in 2015, not many details are available as yet.

About IDW the game maker

The series followers keen on knowing its progress can follow IDW Games’ Twitter and Facebook updates. In the past IDW has also developed X Files based on the popular science fiction television series. Homeland is another popular series that has been turned into a board game. The Orphan Black is a top selling comic series that is published by IDW.

New Jersey Patron Receives $1.52 Million Jackpot

Betfair Casino is considered as one of the leading destinations in New Jersey for online casino gaming. It recently announced that a sponsor from Union County, NJ, is the winner of the biggest single payout ever in the history of monitored online gaming in New Jersey.

The winning game

betfairLet it Ride’ is the game for which the huge payout was given. It is a famous variant of the conventional poker that offers 1,000 to 1 top prize with respect to a Royal Flush. It also features an additional side bet which is termed as ‘3 Card Bonus’. In this the players are provided with another opportunity to strike it big.

The patron first learnt about through a T.V. commercial. A huge bonus was being offered to those signing up for the first time. He played for almost two hours in a single night and was prepared to call the day off and got dealt, Jack, Queen and ten of Diamonds. This meant he had a small straight flush!

Largest Single Payout

On February 14, this patron placed 500 dollars each on three starting bets along with 3 Card Bonus. As mentioned above he won with a Royal Flush deal in diamonds. He dived into the 3 Card Bonus bet and ‘Let it Ride’ earning a payout of 1,000 to 1 on ever bet he had initially placed. Along with this, he also won an extra 40 to 1 with respect to his 3 Card Bonus bet leaving him with a grand total of $1,522,000.

His record win is actually the biggest single payout ever witnessed in the history of New Jersey monitored online gaming since the time the industry came into action in 2013.

Don Ryan, SM, was reported saying that to see a player hitting a major win and that they were excited to be included in the history of American online gaming.

Delayed Online Gaming Taxation in Ireland

The Irish government’s online game taxation plans have been delayed until mid-2015, sources say. Ireland’s finance minister has opted to respond to London bookmakers’ regulatory oversight and new taxes.

New Regulation and Loophole Targeting

laptop chips and cardsMany London officials have closed an exploited loophole granting bookmakers the ability to pay lower taxes while accessing offshore tax policies. Neighbouring countries have notoriously kept up generous policies, and new taxes directed towards high-stakes betting machines are imminent.

The Irish government hasn’t created plans to tax online gaming in three years, and the future-proposed system promises a 1 percent tax levied against shop-betting players online. Essentially, Irish betters will suffer an additional tax when playing from home, increasing Ireland’s revenue.

The new tax will increase revenue, too, as neighbouring country concerns have slowed parliamentary processes while balancing local taxation and gaming revenue.

Response and Future Regulatory Efforts

These announcements have worried several gaming operators; as such a bill may destabilize well-rounded and renowned online gaming communities. Big-time bookmakers, such as Paddy Power, have indicated an increased cost — of approximately millions of euros — every year. Additionally, responses have indicated a levelled playing field for domestic gaming companies intending to compete internationally.

Larger Overhaul and Equal Treatment

The Irish government has speculated a $25 million tax revenue increase annually, and approximately $1.5 billion is wagered by online Irish betters per year. Often, most profits are directed towards overseas corporations, and online tax proponents will likely channel funds back into Ireland.

While the tax is part of a larger Irish bill — one contingent upon overhauling the Irish gaming industry — gamer reception has been surprisingly quiet. The bill will focus upon establishing equal treatment of bookmakers while establishing sturdy industry provisions, regardless of operating area. Such changes, while affecting gamblers, will likely impact industry decision-makers upon inception.

Rise in UK Gambling Revenue

Recently released financial reports ushered by the UK Gambling Commission have revealed increased online gambling revenue throughout the United Kingdom.

uk flag_card dice and moneyA 17-percent overall increase has been noted—impacting the entire industry’s market share and raising attention from industry decision makers. While these figures accommodated for pre-gambling-act licences, the act, itself, was instated before 2014 began.

Increased Numbers, and Heightened Popularity

While such increases propose increased online gambling popularity, many United Kingdom websites have reported unilateral revenue increases with respect to off-site, brick-and-mortar establishments, too. Traditional, neighbourhood casinos are still in the game, and compared numbers are high when looking at one, distinct variable: annual revenue.

When online gambling is compared between current and previous years, online revenue has reportedly raised an astounding 22 percent, and the recorded raise will likely rise further beyond 2015. While both web-based and physical gambling locations have maintained steady scaling and expansion, dramatically rising numbers have forced new regulations. Casino operators have opted in to the UK Gambling Commission, and their proposed regulations have required access of new licences favoring modern tax laws. The tax laws, themselves, pertain to recent escalations.

A Fairer Tax System

Priti Patel, well-known Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, has indicated a requirement for updated, fairer tax systems within every gambling establishment—regardless of physical, brick-and-mortar locations. Both online and city-based establishments will be impacted, and businesses have relocated their operations, travelling to other countries in an attempt at United Kingdom tax avoidance.

Gambling operations existing within the United Kingdom must offer a 15-percent consumption tax to remain operable and online sports betting has only furthered revenue escalation. During previous years, the sport alone has created above £25.4 billion. Approximately 30 percent of the market’s UK share is attributed to the segment’s rise, and officials will likely examine the niche soon.

Card Games in Macau Rapidly Reaching Millions of Dollars

The city of Macau is known as the high stakes poker capital of the world. It’s a gambling destination that you don’t want to mess around with. Only those who truly know the game (whether that game is blackjack, poker, etc) are going to be found sitting around most of these card tables. With the fancy luxurious resorts, it’s clear that the target clientele is going to have plenty of cash to throw on the table. With several games with pots of millions of dollars (USD), it’s no wonder people commonly associate this area with high-betting whales. Here are three examples of high stakes card games that have taken place in Macau not so long ago.

Card games and game tokens

1. 2014 Asia Championship of Poker
While this is a card game that is also a competition, it’s also one that has some serious money on the line for the professionals that play this game. With a $500,000 HDK (or $64,000 USD) buy-in and no limits on the betting, it’s a tournament that came with high risk and high reward. The 2014 winner, Steve O’Dwyer, walked away with nearly $2 million USD. His runner-up Ryan Fee, didn’t do so bad for himself either, and left with well over $1 million USD.

2. 2012 Macau Super High Stakes Roller
While this is an event that took place in Macau a few years back now, it’s one that is still talked about, and for good reason. The $6.4 million USD winnings that the ultimate winner Stanley Choi walked away with make for an impressive. Its nearly $300,000 USD buy-in and the $23.5 million USD prize pool are also good reasons for this to be one for the Macau high stakes history books.

3. High Stakes Cash Games at Poker King Club
One player, Tom Hall, notorious for divulging inside information about the games and betting pools at high stakes games, has spilled some secrets (and photos) about the high stakes poker games going on right now, with claims of $20 million USD in bets on single hands.