New Jersey Patron Receives $1.52 Million Jackpot

Betfair Casino is considered as one of the leading destinations in New Jersey for online casino gaming. It recently announced that a sponsor from Union County, NJ, is the winner of the biggest single payout ever in the history of monitored online gaming in New Jersey.

The winning game

betfairLet it Ride’ is the game for which the huge payout was given. It is a famous variant of the conventional poker that offers 1,000 to 1 top prize with respect to a Royal Flush. It also features an additional side bet which is termed as ‘3 Card Bonus’. In this the players are provided with another opportunity to strike it big.

The patron first learnt about through a T.V. commercial. A huge bonus was being offered to those signing up for the first time. He played for almost two hours in a single night and was prepared to call the day off and got dealt, Jack, Queen and ten of Diamonds. This meant he had a small straight flush!

Largest Single Payout

On February 14, this patron placed 500 dollars each on three starting bets along with 3 Card Bonus. As mentioned above he won with a Royal Flush deal in diamonds. He dived into the 3 Card Bonus bet and ‘Let it Ride’ earning a payout of 1,000 to 1 on ever bet he had initially placed. Along with this, he also won an extra 40 to 1 with respect to his 3 Card Bonus bet leaving him with a grand total of $1,522,000.

His record win is actually the biggest single payout ever witnessed in the history of New Jersey monitored online gaming since the time the industry came into action in 2013.

Don Ryan, SM, was reported saying that to see a player hitting a major win and that they were excited to be included in the history of American online gaming.

Delayed Online Gaming Taxation in Ireland

The Irish government’s online game taxation plans have been delayed until mid-2015, sources say. Ireland’s finance minister has opted to respond to London bookmakers’ regulatory oversight and new taxes.

New Regulation and Loophole Targeting

laptop chips and cardsMany London officials have closed an exploited loophole granting bookmakers the ability to pay lower taxes while accessing offshore tax policies. Neighbouring countries have notoriously kept up generous policies, and new taxes directed towards high-stakes betting machines are imminent.

The Irish government hasn’t created plans to tax online gaming in three years, and the future-proposed system promises a 1 percent tax levied against shop-betting players online. Essentially, Irish betters will suffer an additional tax when playing from home, increasing Ireland’s revenue.

The new tax will increase revenue, too, as neighbouring country concerns have slowed parliamentary processes while balancing local taxation and gaming revenue.

Response and Future Regulatory Efforts

These announcements have worried several gaming operators; as such a bill may destabilize well-rounded and renowned online gaming communities. Big-time bookmakers, such as Paddy Power, have indicated an increased cost — of approximately millions of euros — every year. Additionally, responses have indicated a levelled playing field for domestic gaming companies intending to compete internationally.

Larger Overhaul and Equal Treatment

The Irish government has speculated a $25 million tax revenue increase annually, and approximately $1.5 billion is wagered by online Irish betters per year. Often, most profits are directed towards overseas corporations, and online tax proponents will likely channel funds back into Ireland.

While the tax is part of a larger Irish bill — one contingent upon overhauling the Irish gaming industry — gamer reception has been surprisingly quiet. The bill will focus upon establishing equal treatment of bookmakers while establishing sturdy industry provisions, regardless of operating area. Such changes, while affecting gamblers, will likely impact industry decision-makers upon inception.

Rise in UK Gambling Revenue

Recently released financial reports ushered by the UK Gambling Commission have revealed increased online gambling revenue throughout the United Kingdom.

uk flag_card dice and moneyA 17-percent overall increase has been noted—impacting the entire industry’s market share and raising attention from industry decision makers. While these figures accommodated for pre-gambling-act licences, the act, itself, was instated before 2014 began.

Increased Numbers, and Heightened Popularity

While such increases propose increased online gambling popularity, many United Kingdom websites have reported unilateral revenue increases with respect to off-site, brick-and-mortar establishments, too. Traditional, neighbourhood casinos are still in the game, and compared numbers are high when looking at one, distinct variable: annual revenue.

When online gambling is compared between current and previous years, online revenue has reportedly raised an astounding 22 percent, and the recorded raise will likely rise further beyond 2015. While both web-based and physical gambling locations have maintained steady scaling and expansion, dramatically rising numbers have forced new regulations. Casino operators have opted in to the UK Gambling Commission, and their proposed regulations have required access of new licences favoring modern tax laws. The tax laws, themselves, pertain to recent escalations.

A Fairer Tax System

Priti Patel, well-known Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, has indicated a requirement for updated, fairer tax systems within every gambling establishment—regardless of physical, brick-and-mortar locations. Both online and city-based establishments will be impacted, and businesses have relocated their operations, travelling to other countries in an attempt at United Kingdom tax avoidance.

Gambling operations existing within the United Kingdom must offer a 15-percent consumption tax to remain operable and online sports betting has only furthered revenue escalation. During previous years, the sport alone has created above £25.4 billion. Approximately 30 percent of the market’s UK share is attributed to the segment’s rise, and officials will likely examine the niche soon.

Card Games in Macau Rapidly Reaching Millions of Dollars

The city of Macau is known as the high stakes poker capital of the world. It’s a gambling destination that you don’t want to mess around with. Only those who truly know the game (whether that game is blackjack, poker, etc) are going to be found sitting around most of these card tables. With the fancy luxurious resorts, it’s clear that the target clientele is going to have plenty of cash to throw on the table. With several games with pots of millions of dollars (USD), it’s no wonder people commonly associate this area with high-betting whales. Here are three examples of high stakes card games that have taken place in Macau not so long ago.

Card games and game tokens

1. 2014 Asia Championship of Poker
While this is a card game that is also a competition, it’s also one that has some serious money on the line for the professionals that play this game. With a $500,000 HDK (or $64,000 USD) buy-in and no limits on the betting, it’s a tournament that came with high risk and high reward. The 2014 winner, Steve O’Dwyer, walked away with nearly $2 million USD. His runner-up Ryan Fee, didn’t do so bad for himself either, and left with well over $1 million USD.

2. 2012 Macau Super High Stakes Roller
While this is an event that took place in Macau a few years back now, it’s one that is still talked about, and for good reason. The $6.4 million USD winnings that the ultimate winner Stanley Choi walked away with make for an impressive. Its nearly $300,000 USD buy-in and the $23.5 million USD prize pool are also good reasons for this to be one for the Macau high stakes history books.

3. High Stakes Cash Games at Poker King Club
One player, Tom Hall, notorious for divulging inside information about the games and betting pools at high stakes games, has spilled some secrets (and photos) about the high stakes poker games going on right now, with claims of $20 million USD in bets on single hands.

Firefly Tall Card Game

The short lifespan of the TV series Firefly indeed created a huge fan base. For some fans having access to everything in the Firefly universe is the wish of a lifetime. One such wish is indeed about to become true in the form of a card game.

What are the Tall Cards?


In the fourth episode of the show, some characters play a game of Tall Cards to play dibs on chores they had to do on their spaceship. The show never explained any rules about this game and there wasn’t even enough dialogue that would explain what exactly they were playing. However, fans being fans came out with their own versions over the years and this kept these Tall Cards alive in popular culture, but they were never developed commercially. Until now that is.

The game version of the Tall Cards

The game is being developed and manufactured by a company called Toy Vault. There are 45 cards in the deck. This includes some round cards as seen on the Firefly episode with the cards. The company has gone one step further and provided 50 extra cards for players to make their own cards from the Firefly universe. This is definitely a treat for true Firefly fans.

The company representative had announced last year that they had acquired license to produce games based on the Firefly universe and soon came out with their first game based on the series. The Tall Card game, which is priced at $20, is set to launch early next year. Whether the cards are a hit with true fans or not would be known only then. But the commendable fact is that even after a decade or so after the series was cancelled only after a mere 14 episodes, there is a fan base enough for a company to launch games based on the show’s universe.

Tips for Improving on Card Game Skills

Playing card games can allow you to have fun with friends, at local casinos and to even make a little bit of money in the process. If you enjoy gambling and playing card games, it’s first essential that you brush up on your card game skills. The best way to accomplish this is to play your favorite games at every chance you get. While it might be difficult for you to accomplish this on your own, since many games require two or more players, you can use the Internet to help brush up on these types of skills for yourself.

online card game

Using Online Casinos and Games to Brush Up on Card Games
You can use the Internet to improve on your card game skills so that you become better and are able to then increase your odds. When you become good at a particular game, it’s easier to win it over time, and this is ideal if you’ll be playing the game for real money. Online casinos will put you either against a computer player or another real player so that you can test out the game and see how well you do with it on the Internet.

Using Mobile Apps
Many casinos are now being brought onto smartphone and android devices, so you can download all of your favorite card games without having to invite friends over just to play. These apps are a lot like the online casinos, where they will either pin you against a random player or a computer-generated player. Improving on your card game skills can sometimes be difficult when you don’t have real people to play with at home, but there are a lot of options available to you on the Internet and mobile devices for you to become great at all of your favorite games.

Blizzard Launches Digital Card Game Curse Of Naxxramas

Curse of Naxxramas is the new card game offering from Blizzard. This digital game, an extension of Blizzard’s Warcraft games, was launched in July 2014 and is available to play on several platforms.

The nitty-gritty


It is an extension of Blizzard’s card game Hearthstone, which was launched earlier in the year. This has allowed the company to develop some characters in a more elaborate way. The players will get to see new qualities of their favourite characters and being a solo game, it ups the excitement even more.

This expansion of the game has meant that many new cards have been added to the existing game. The new cards have been designed in a way to not only add competitiveness in the game, but also increase the element of fun. Now it is up to individual players as to how they utilize their cards that are only meant as fun cards.

Another exciting addition to the game is the element of story. This is when each player can work a new story into the game using the cards. The makers of the game believe that this feature will definitely increase the popularity of the game.

The one element the game designers were working on was the surprise element. This has been woven into each stage of the game. It has been done so that even familiar cards bring something more to the game and enhance the experience of the players.

The success formula

Blizzard always offers games that are fun, exciting, and addictive. The games are attractive as they are very easy and fun to learn. They are, at the same time, difficult to gain expertise at and play. This is what makes most Blizzard games exciting, and Curse of Naxxramas is no different.

The new card game offering allows players a chance to win in various stages. This helps even novice players enjoy the game. Another factor that makes this card game destined to become a success is that it can be enjoyed by both non-players and pros. There are individuals who do not generally enjoy digital games, but even they give card games such as Naxxramas a chance as the storytelling in the game makes it feel like it’s not digital and cold, but very much a real-time experience.

Now it is to see what blizzard offers next in the form of digital games.

New Software can Turn an Amateur Into a Professional Gambler

New software available from a company called RebelBetting can enable a person to make money from sports wagering without any knowledge of the game they are betting on. What this software does is to search online for available odds from bookmakers on sporting events such as football and rugby, and then identifies differences between the odds bookmakers are offering. When these differences are large enough, a profit can be made by wagering on both sides of the event. This is similar to what is found in financial markets when a person can buy and sell the same security at different prices and make an automatic profit. Although the opportunities are identified by the software, the bets must be placed manually with each bookmaker.


The company behind the program is Swedish and charges its users €129 per month for the right to use the program. Without any handicapping ability, a typical person can make 10 to 12 percent return on their money. This is according to the software developer, Simon Renstrom. Naturally, there is a limit to how much money can be wagered without affecting the odds, and according to Renstorm, this is about €35,000.

Bookmakers are not happy about this program, because it will cost them money over time. The problem they have is in detecting it. When a bet is placed, they have no way of determining or knowing what the motivation or thinking process is behind the wager. Overtime, they may be able to detect this type of betting if a bettor is winning consistently. However, there are many professional gamblers that win consistently, and they are not using any type of odds program.

Of course, if a bookmaker were to suspect that a gambler were using such a program, they will most likely limit the size of the bet they are willing to take from the punter. From the gambler’s point of view, it should be pointed out that using this type of software and placing wagers in this manner is perfectly legal.

Growing Popularity of Blackjack Switch in Online Blackjack

Online casino game websites offer both standard blackjack and also simulations of the game with dealer moves. Since the online gaming options offered by casino websites are widely dependent on the expertise of players, they also offer tools that can help players make their moves. A diehard blackjack player keen on improving his/her skills can use the help of community forums and credit games online. A reason why land based casino players are moving to online casino sites for card games like blackjack is the existence of “blackjack switch”. Though some land casinos have also offered this feature, it is not as popular as the online variety.

Online blackjack switch

Online blackjack switch

Blackjack is the simplest of table card games, but it gets complicated when experienced players want to try out new moves like advantage play and other card counting tricks. A blackjack player with two sets of cards placed face-up has the option to swap both cards for dealing the best hand, after which he/she can try a basic strategy or n advantage play, whichever is suitable. However, some blackjack rules are not easy, as payout is only 1:1 and not the usual 3:2 that players of card tables are used to during their standard card games. When the dealer reaches the 17thposition, he allows players to split, although they receive only one card after the receipt of aces.

Appeal of blackjack switch

Though standard blackjack games offer the house an edge of .53 percent that gives a .25 percent edge when switch is made, online blackjack switch provides an edge of .10 percent only. In a dealer laid out game, the dealer has a little more advantage, but even then, the payout is good because switching cards gives the player an advantage. If a player’s blackjack skills and strategy are good, he can win more money than his actual investment with the blackjack switch facility. This strategy also brings excitement into the game as the player can play with two hands to add more twist and make it complex. To improve on blackjack playing skills, one must practice more, as amateurs trying to play simultaneously with two hands may end up as losing their investment too.

Review of Magic 2015 Card Game

Playing Magic – the GCard Gamesathering can be quite the learning curve. The first few days of staring at those cards can often be frustrating, because it is not easy to decipher what each one means. Everything is jumbled, with the only colors and depictions on the cards distinguishing them. However, a bit of research, some reading, and a bit of patience can open up a whole new world for card gamers.

Magic: The Gathering started as a simple card game that was only playable by offline means. Now it is possible to buy a gigantic starter kit, which includes physical cards, rule books, and digital editions for computers, iPads and other devices. Magic 2015 will be available as traditional cards, on the Xbox, PC; iOs and Android. They will also be available on Amazon Kindle Fire devices.

The goal of this game is not to bring about a few improvements from Magic 2014, but to change the way players view this card game. This is a perfectly refined, thoroughly enjoyable card game that has to be played before it can be judged.

Features -

The model for collecting debts is completely changed for this game, which allows players to build a deck from scratch. In the past, players had to choose from pre-arranged decks, but this offers greater flexibility. It means that, after understanding the game, players can pin point cards that suit their playing style to the fullest.

There is exclusive access to some of the cards from the upcoming Magic 2015 Core Card Set. This set is going to come out late in the summer, with around 270 cards expected. All the cards have been specially designed and crafted, ensuring that they add a new dimension to this game.

All of the depth and excitement from the 2013 and 2014 editions of Magic: The Gathering has been retained for this version. Many yearly updates have the problem of eliminating as many good aspects as they do problems, but that is not the case with this game.

Physical vs. Digital -

A beginner might want to start out by playing the game in a physical setting, with fellow Magic enthusiasts as opponents. After getting to grips with the rules, game play and different types of decks, the digital edition opens up a whole new world in this unusual card game.

Click here for an explanation of Magic: The Gathering’s rules and gameplay.

Here is a list of Magic: The Gathering sets for anyone who wants to go about playing different versions of this unusual card game.