Casino Bonus: Bingo Australia Offers $50,000 For The Holidays

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Casino bonuses are frequent around the holidays. Australians can take advantage of what Bingo Australia has to offer because they are giving away more than $50,000 through the holiday season. They are preparing for Christmas with the 12 days of Christmas promotion. This casino bonus has been going on each year since the casino opened more than five years ago.

The games are going on throughout the next two weeks and players have an array of ways to get some extra money and prizes. Learning how to win and what is included is important for Australians who want to get a bonus this Christmas season.

How to Win

When a person wants to explore what Bingo Australia has to offer, it’s important to create an account and begin playing some of the games. There are contests within the daily pokies as well as holiday pattern bingo games that have a value of $50,000.

Any winner will have their personal finances in control at least through the holidays. This is a life-changing amount of money, especially if a person were to invest it the right way.

The bingo holiday patterns will pay out in jackpots that range from $100 to $175 – and this means that there is at least $50,000 in guaranteed cash prizes throughout the days leading up to Christmas.

The bingo cards are affordable, so anyone can take part in the festivities throughout these 12 days.

What the 12 Days Include

Starting on December 13, the Bingo Australia website will launch their 12 days of Christmas. A pokie tournament will be available on Friday the 13 and prizes include cash, jewelry, Amazon gift cards and even a Kindle Fire HDX. With a variety of prizes to look forward to, gamblers are able to get something other than cash when they play during the holidays – and this can help with a lot of Christmas shopping. offers fun even beyond the 12 days of Christmas. Bingo and pokie are always offered online. This allows players to play at the time of day or night that is convenient for them.

Poker Embraces New Deals


The traditional card games that one can expect to find in any conventional casino or at any successful online gaming site are coming under the influence of the traditional Oriental gaming market. Card games that are popular throughout Asia are making their way through Europe and to the shores of the United States. As China and Japan become more integral players in trade and business throughout the world, it is no wonder that the way these cultures engage in wagering games is coming with them. While many of these games offer twists on the rules and payouts that most people are familiar with when it comes to conventional card games, the change of pace is turning out to be a breath of fresh air for most players when you look at their increasing popularity all around the globe. There are a huge number of games that are spreading like wildfire. Among the most popular are Pai Gow Poker, Sic Bo, and Mini-Baccarat.

Poker Expands Its Place In Culture

Pai Gow Poker is a game that is influenced by the original Chinese game known as Pai Gow. This ancient Chinese game was played with Chinese domino tiles that allowed up to eight players to get in on the action. Pai Gow Poker uses the standard 52-card deck with one extra card. This additional Ace is used as a wild card and can be integral in attaining a straight or flush under this game’s rules. Up to seven players can take part in this form of poker that includes the bank or house dealer. The game begins with each player making a bet. Players are then given a hand that is composed of seven cards. Using these seven cards, players must form two separate hands. One is comprised of two cards while the other uses the remaining five.


The ranking of hands is the same as those used by traditional poker. The player attempts to fulfill their bets by making both hands that they form higher than the corresponding hands of the bank or dealer. A player loses their bet when the dealer hands out-rank their own. Should one hand be higher while the other is lower, neither the player nor the banker wins. Winning hands are rewarded with their bet, however, most gaming organizations retain a 5 percent commission when game play takes place online.

Cultures Collide

Sic Bo is a game of chance that is played using dice. Players bet on conditions of the dice as the result of one throw. For example, many of the bets are either high-low or wagers that all three dice will reveal the same number. With the growing influence of Oriental card games and traditional games of chance comes distinctive Oriental influences in both architecture and food being offered to patrons in major gaming locations. While the assimilation of the culture may be a small phenomenon at this point in time, this trend is expected to pick up its pace considerably in the near future.

Underage Gambling In Baccarat An Issue In The UK

blackjack1Throughout the UK, gambling businesses are being asked to control underage gambling more effectively. Local authorities have come across problems in England and Wales where there were some significant weaknesses in terms of controls.

Many of the underage gamblers are getting involved with baccarat, amongst other games.

As more people want to learn how to play baccarat, they turn to the online casinos where some money can be risked at the same time.

Owners of gambling businesses have been asked to do more in order to keep young people out of the casinos. While there are adult-only premises throughout the UK, betting shops and casinos are seeing an increase of young people trying to get in.

Some of the issues with underage gambling may have to do with the new controls online. As more websites get stricter on how age is obtained and verified, the younger people who cannot wait until they turn of legal age are trying to figure out how they can play baccarat, poker, and some of the other games.

Out of 54 centres that were tested, 29 had a person under the age of 18 be allowed to sit down at a gaming machine and leave without ever having to prove their age. In a smaller sample of casino and bingo centres, the controls were much stronger.

It’s no longer just about slots at these gaming centres. The younger generations are able to play an array of online games without spending any money. As soon as they learn about baccarat and some of the other games, it’s hard for these younger people to stay away from the idea of being able to play for money – and this is where the problems come in.

Mobile and online gaming are offering baccarat. This is a game where the house edge is not as high as it is in other games, such as dice and roulette. This allows more people to feel like they can win – and this is an attraction that will get people of all ages. As gambling businesses are held to higher standards, underage gambling is expected to drop.

Baccarat Cheating Scandal In Marina Bay Sands

A total of 14 people were arrested in Singapore as a result of cheating at baccarat in the Marina Bay Sands Casino. It is estimated that they obtained $1.2 million through their escapades on the casino floor.

Learning how to play baccarat is something that many people do at one point or another. However, when people learn to play and it gets to their head, they often think they can cheat casinos in order to obtain larger winnings.

Blackjack_boardThe team is believed to have consisted of Thai nationals. During three and a half hours at the casino, the crew won over $1.2 million. The players created a scheme where they would know the sequence of the cards in advance.

Since baccarat is all about comparing hands between the player and the dealer, this advantage is huge. It would be impossible for the players not to win if they were able to read the card sequence prior to making a wager.

This is just another headline about casino cheating. Phil Ivey is another person who is being accused of cheating a casino. In the UK, he sued the Crockford Casino in Mayfair because they refused to pay him on a £7.8 million streak of winning that he was on.

The casino had good reason to reject the claim. The defense says that he and a female with him were using manufacturing faults on the back of the cards as a way to cheat the casino.

As far as what took place at the Marina Bay Sands, there was CCTV footage in place that showed the fourteen people were in fact guilty.

Around the world, casinos are cracking down on security in order to prevent theft. As more theft occurs, it becomes harder for casinos to offer table games because they lose their house advantage.

Some casinos have also begun offering online and mobile gaming as a way to protect their revenues. Many hotels, including the Marina Bay Sands, have seen a significant decline in profits over the past several years and much of it is being attributed to online gaming.

Examples of Tricky Blackjack Hands

For people who love to play blackjack, it’s important to understand strategy and how to play certain hands. Some are quite easy, leaving players with a simple decision that can’t hardly be messed up. Other hands present quite a dilemma, and players need to know the math behind the decision in order to handle the situation appropriately. Here are some examples of tricky blackjack hands.

Player’s hard 16 against a dealer’s seven

blackjackWhen you’re staring down at a 16, there’s almost always a temptation to stand. After all, the likelihood of busting when you hit a 16 is very high. The choice is especially difficult when the dealer is showing a seven. The math says that this is a spot where you should still hit, and the reasons are clear once you understand some things. The most common card value in the deck is ten, and this remains the most likely card value sitting under the ten. The math says to take a chance at picking up a small card that will make your hand a likely winner. You may bust occasionally. This is alright, though, since hitting in this spot will work out better over the long haul.

Player’s two threes against a dealer’s nine

When you’ve been dealt a couple of threes, you have some interesting choices to make. This adds up to six, and that’s a value you rarely want to play. You have the option to split those threes, and that’s what you must do here. Though some will tell you that it’s not good to put more money on the table when you’re facing a dealer’s strong nine, this advice is foolish. When you split your threes, you’ll break up the ugly six, giving yourself a chance to hit at least one hand that can challenge the dealer.

Player’s 11 against a dealer’s 10

When you’re dealt an 11, it’s good news, and you must be prepared to put money on the table. Even if the dealer is showing a 10, you still need to double down in this situation. The mathematical wisdom will tell you to double down any time you pick up that beautiful 11. Still, it can be hard for some players to pull the trigger. Once again, this is a spot where the 10 is the most likely card value to come, and having more money out there in a good spot is always the optimal choice.

A Guide to Advantage Play in Online Casinos

Turn the Tables on the House

online casinoWhen you’re considering which online casino you want to play at, it’s important to look at the bonuses, promotions and other deals that often return significant value back to the player. The old adage, “The house always wins” is mostly true. However, there are some cases in which the saying is most definitely false. Advantage gamblers look for and exploit these profitable opportunities.

Calculating the Value of a Bonus

To calculate the expected value of a bonus, you need to know three things: the amount of the bonus, the playthrough required and the house advantage (HA) in the game you will play. The first two numbers should be included in the T&C of the bonus. The HA of common casino games can be easily found on the Internet. Then use the formula:

EV = Bonus – ((Playthrough) * HA)

Bonus Example

Let’s say we deposit $100 and receive a $100 100% match bonus. The playthrough requirement is 25 times the deposit + bonus. We’re going to play a game with a HA of 0.56%. Plugging these numbers into the above formula, we get:

EV = $100 – ((25 * ($100 + $100)) * 0.56%)

EV = $100 – (($5000) * 0.56%)

EV = $100 – $28

EV = $72

This bonus has an expected value of $72. This is the average value you can expect to gain, but there is a lot of variance in casino gaming. Your actual results will vary greatly.

Exercise Caution

There are a few things you should be careful of when chasing casino bonuses. Be sure to read the T&Cs of any bonus you wish to claim, and look out for the following pitfalls:

• Disallowed games

• Higher wagering requirements for certain games

• Bonus funds that can never be withdrawn

• Unclear or vague bonus terms

Other Promotions

Bonuses are the bread and butter of any advantage gamer, but you should be on the lookout for other profitable offers. Some of the ways that casinos return value back to players include:

• Comp points or frequent players club

• Lotteries and sweepstakes that award entries for depositing or playing

• Casino tournaments

• Special limited-time deals

When you claim all the extra funds for which you are eligible, you are one step closer to making a profit. Use all the bonuses, comp points, promotional sweepstakes and any other extra value you can find to gamble against the casino with the best of it.

All You Need to Know About Baccarat

Baccarat is played throughout the world using several different rule sets. The most common rule set, and the one focused on here, is Punto banco, which is also referred to as North American baccarat.

Baccarat Table

Punto Banco

If a casino refers to a game as baccarat with no indication of the rule set, then it’s safe to assume that the game is Punto banco. This popular baccarat format is played on a tableau, which is French for board, and each game involves a punto or player and a banco or banker.

Player and Banker

An interesting aspect to baccarat is that the player and the banker are simply designations. In other words, there’s no association between the banker and dealer or house and no association between the player and any customer, which is a stark contrast to a game like blackjack.

During each baccarat game, there is a banker hand and just a single player hand. There can, however, be multiple players at the table, and each of them can bet on either the player hand or the banker hand as they see fit.

The Objective

Players place bets on the player hand, the banker hand or a tie. Bets on the player hand have a house edge of 1.24 percent. Bets on the banker hand require a five percent commission to the house but have a house edge of only 1.06 percent. The tie bet, on the other hand, has a 14.4-percent house edge.


The croupier deals two cards face up to the player hand and banker hand. If either hand totals eight or nine, then that hand wins. If both hands total eight or nine, then the game is a tie. If neither condition is met, then an additional card may be added to each hand to determine a winner or a tie.

Drawing Rules

Since the dealer and the players don’t possess the hands, predefined drawing rules are used to determine whether a hand receives an additional card. The player draws if the hand value is less than six. The banker does the same if the player stood pat. If the player drew, then there is a series of complex rules to determine if the banker draws.

Baccarat Strategy

Some baccarat variants have a skill element, but Punto banco is a game of chance that is comparable to single-zero roulette. Despite the commission, bets on the banker are more lucrative over the long term, but the difference between player and banker bets is relatively minor. Betting on a tie is never a good decision.

Winning Never Looked So Good

Winning At Casino UKCasino UK is exciting players both old and new with the release of their updated website and gaming services.They have taken everything the was enthralling about gaming with them in the past and added extraordinary new improvements that take the gaming experience to a new level.The entire system has been reevaluated, rebuilt, and brought back to life with a new design that is on the edge of contemporary gaming.

The gaming experience is now more intuitive, and the gameplay itself is more fluid. There has never been a more trusted gaming site in the UK that offers players these kinds of possibilities for entertainment.

Casino UK has also launched a mobile version of their casino.

Players had plenty of reasons to bring their game here in the past. Those reasons have only been expanded with this completely revolutionary change to the face of entertainment. Players now have access to countless numbers of bonuses, giving newcomers even more reasons to join in on all the excitement. Among the advantages that are now being offered are up to 200 percent bonuses on free initial credits.

Players can also apply their bonuses and winnings to more games than ever before. New casino games are now constantly being released, adding to the 600 games that are available to date. The online gaming experience has never been so dynamic.

Investing and acquiring winnings has also been streamlined to the advantage of players. Options for withdrawing and depositing funds has been expanded to use the most popular new firms.Transactions are faster, there are more banking options, and security has been upgraded in order to ensure a safer gaming experience.

Casino UK is still the safest and most trusted gaming site that the UK has to offer. The recent improvements only make the potential for fun and profit all that more tempting. We recommend a visit!

Rush Poker Strategy: Maximizing Your Chances of Winning

Poker is an exciting game which combines strategy, intuition and plain old skill. There’s a good reason why people enjoy both playing for themselves and watching Poker tournaments. Either way you’ll want to know some handy Poker tricks, whether to use in your own game, or to be able to follow the wily strategy of the Poker pros.

Rush Poker Strategy: Maximizing Your Chances of Winning

Because Poker is all about strategy, there are things you can do to improve your game. The best thing to do would be to practice regularly, to read up on new strategy to make your game more versatile.


Rush Poker Strategy: Maximizing Your Chances of Winning

This article will focus on rush Poker strategy in particular, as that is one of the most popular Poker games you’ll encounter in online casinos. Online Poker has become extremely popular, as it is much more accessible, convenient and it allows previously stigmatised players, especially women, to play anonymously.

Rush Poker Strategy: Maximizing Your Chances of Winning

Below are some useful strategies you can incorporate in your own game of rush Poker:

  1. Increase your blind steals in just a matter of seconds. Here, the strategy will be to raise 80-90% of the time from the last 2-3 positions when no one else has dared to enter the pot. With that, you can increase your re-steals of raised pots from the blinds to pick up some extra bets against other players.
  2. Make up your mind and stick to your decisions – you can’t afford to hesitate. There are times when it’s best to keep safe and others when you have to take a risk, but once you’ve decided, you can’t vacillate. Carefully study each move your opponents make, especially the playing pattern they usually follow.
  3. Always remember that the outcome of the game depends on your skill and how you play it.  Good cards also matter.
  4. Be able to think on your feet.
  5. In rush Poker, position and starting hand strength are some of the only things you can use to gain an advantage. Therefore, use these as much as possible.
  6. Take advantage of your good cards. If you have awesome cards, grab the opportunity to raise for a sure win.

If you follow these simple strategies, you’re sure to see a huge difference in your game.



Local Poker Tournaments: Guaranteed Satisfaction for Poker Enthusiasts

Do you enjoy playing Poker? Do you love the thrill of trying your wits and skills against your opponents, or giving your latest Poker strategy a whirl?

Local Poker Tournaments: Guaranteed Satisfaction for Poker Enthusiasts

Poker is a very popular game with players who enjoy a bit of competition – unlike Blackjack where you play against the dealer, or Slots, where each player sits at a machine, Poker is all about social interaction. The object is to win not only through strategy but through reading your fellow players and making sure they cannot read you. It’s this battle of wits and skill that makes the game not only thrilling to play but so very watchable. Poker has shot up in popularity ever since the advent of the televised tournament, and that’s no coincidence.

Online Poker has become a widely available option and the number of players has grown exponentially thanks to the game’s accessibility. People can access these tournaments from their own homes, with just a click of a mouse. These online tournaments are happening all the time, with varying schedules, which means that people can play when it is convenient to them.


Local Poker Tournaments: Guaranteed Satisfaction for Poker Enthusiasts

Many safe, certified online casinos offer these tournaments to their players, and players need only sign up for a free account and register for the tournament of their choice. Many also offer email reminders of upcoming tournaments to keep players in the loop. There is also the option to attend live poker events, simply by selecting the date and the tournament nearest to your location.

So, if you wish to participate in local poker tournaments it’s easy to join and everyone is welcome. Live tournament with players you don’t normally face is also a great way to improve your skills!